Express Driving Course in English

3890 zł

Express Driving Course in English

Are you in a hurry? Do you want to have a driving licence right now? This course is for you!
We guarantee completion of the course in only 19 business days! New groups online start every Monday, and stationary once a month.

Check how to sign up for the course 🙂

In A&ATUT, we offer category B driving courses at the highest level. Our instructors are professionals who will help you pass your driving test quickly and without stress! 🙂

In our offer you will find: a category B driving course in English and also training rides before exam or to refresh your driving skills. The driving license course consists of a theoretical (e-learning) and practical part – both in English.

We will help you with everything till you hold your driving license, don’t worry 🙂

Don’t wait, sign up today! 🙂

Driving course in English includes:

  • 30 h of driving lessons (with english-speaking instructor)
  • 2 h of driving lessons in MUSTANG CABRIO!
  • 30 h of theory ONLINE
  • All learning materials GRATIS

For your comfort:

  • Our students support office is opened from Monday till Friday from 9 till 17 – we will help you to organise everything 😉
  • You can adjust driving lessons to your schedule – we are flexible!
  • Thanks to e-learning you can learn theory at any time and without leaving your home. 
If you have any questions, contact us! We will help you to arrange everything!

Why us?

Because we are opened for foreign students and we speak English 🙂

Because we already have 25 years of experience and it’s our passion!

Because we love to converting you into great drivers who pass the exam easily and with no stress!

Check what out previous students think about us! 🙂

Pay with 0% installments!

When signing for the course online just buy the first installment 😎

  • I installment when signing up – 500 zł
  • II installment till the end of theory – 1100 zł
  • III installment till 10th hour of drives – 1100 zł
  • IV installment till 20th hour of drives – 1190 zł

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